Plaque mounts


Plaque mounting is a clean modern look suitable for posters, prints and certificates.  The process involves drymounting your image onto MDF and then a matte laminate is applied over the image.  The artwork is then beveled and a foil is applied to the edges to give it a polished finish.  One of the great advantages of plaque mounting is not having any glass on your picture, so no glare or reflection to get in the way of enjoying your artwork.


plaque mount

plaquemount of steel workers.jpg

This is our most popular plaque mount style, an excellent choice for most prints, certificates, movie posters, concert posters and playbills.  We have several corporate accounts who use it for their certificates, mission statements and documents.  It is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious and provides a smart, finished look.

Did you know? 
        We are one of the few shops in Edmonton to have their own plaque mounting equipment.  Your picture will 
never leave our premises.

float mount

float mounted style of plaque mount framing-dogs on New York street

Float mount is a fun style that 'pops' your picture off the wall.  We plaque mount your picture on a 1/8 MDF board and then add a block behind to really make it stand out!

framed plaque mount

Frame mount style of plaque mounting-1940's New York street scene.

This style of plaque mount involves adding a specially- designed frame around your picture.  There are several colors to choose from which adds a polished finishing touch.

stack mount

stack mount style of plaque mount framing-1940]era New York street scene

This process involves using two boards. The plaque mount is attached to a larger board that is sprayed black, or has a colored mat on it to enhance the image.  It's a great way to make a smaller picture larger and give it more presence on the wall.

mat mount

Mat mount style of plaque mount framing-fifth avenue new york building

Mat mounting is a step up from a basic plaque mount.  We mount the image on a larger board that has been sprayed black, or has a colored mat to coordinate with the image.  This works to give the image some 'breathing room' and can also help to make a smaller picture seem larger.  Great if it is going on a large wall, where a smaller image may feel 'lost.'

box mount

box mount style of plaque mount frame showing 1959 couple doing the jive in the street

A box mount has an image plaque mounted on 1/8 MDF and we add a frame around it that gives it depth off the wall.  It adds a little something extra to take your picture up a notch and make it special.


Did you spot the MAP on our Neat Ideas page?  It was float mounted and then hand cut to shape.  Have an idea for something unique you'd like to try?  Call us.  We're up to the challenge!