Custom Framing


Yes! We can do that!  With over twenty years of picture framing, it is exciting to have framed just about everything imaginable. Yet, each piece is as unique and special as the customer, and itʼs always wonderful to find that perfect match.


floated image with shadowbox

watercolor painting framed as a float mount utilizing museum quality glass and acid free mat board

This Irene Klar print has a wonderful hand torn edge.  We chose to feature the organic feel of the image by floating it off the base mat and building up a shadowbox with the top matting to give the picture depth.  Our aim is to draw you in, where you can loose yourself in the picture.


Did you know?

Whether you have a great idea for framing your artwork, or haven't got a clue where to start, we'll help make it turn out perfect - for you!


suede mat with fillet inlay

suede mat with fillet frame showing still-life watercolor of flowers.jpg

This delicate watercolor is given some 'pop' with a rich suede mat.  Instead of a double mat, we have used a silver fillet next to the picture to play off the silver frame.  It also gives the picture more dimension.

layered effect

double fillets with suede mat showing Egyptian papyrus

This simple Egyptian papyrus is fit for a king with the use of black suede mats and repeating the fillet three times, adding richness.  A holiday treasure is now a featured artwork.


Shadow Box with Fillet on Matting

Shadow box with locks and keys

These antique locks & keys were a fun project to work on.  We built up a deep shadowbox and added a fillet around the inside of the mat to add some depth and interest.  The suede mats give a rich texture and the red popped the brass while complimenting the customers corporate colors.  What treasures will your next visit to the antique store bring?


Did you know?

From the usual to the unusual it is our pleasure to handle your special requests: baby shoes, chopsticks, christening gowns, wedding bouquets, micro-biology bits and shark jaws. 



framed mirror

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to your home. They can brighten up an entrance way, make a room appear larger, and with the right frame become a beautiful feature.  Whether you are updating a bathroom or just making some fresh changes, we are happy to assist you.  In Feng Shui, a mirror should always reflect something beautiful.  We're here to help.

Black Core Mat with v Groove

Black core mat with v groove

The clean lines of this inlaid double v-groove add just enough detail without overpowering the image, keeping your attenting on the photograph.



diamond shape custom frame showing Eskimo block print

Whether you are bursting with ideas or looking for some inspiration you've come to the right place.  We'll think outside the frame to come up with unique and special ways to showcase your artwork.