care of your artwork

black and white wedding photographs above a desk

Once your picture is happily hung in place you may need to clean any finger marks. Use a soft lint free cloth. We find microfiber cloths work very well. I like to moisten one end of the microfiber cloth with water, wring it out and clean the picture. Then wipe it dry with the other end, or with a dry cloth. Extra care must be taken with museum, conservation and ultraview glass due to the special coatings. We do sell a reasonable line of special microfiber cleaning cloths that we have found do a superb job. (They also work excellent on mirrors, T.V's computer screens and stainless steel.) If you need some cloths drop in to see us. They are just 3 for $15.00!

Unique framing of a bronze sculputre

Make sure to never spray any water or glass cleaner directly onto the picture.  It could run down and seep up into the matting or picture, damaging your treasure.  (Those of you with housekeepers, make sure they know this too!)  It’s a good idea to look your pictures over every once in a while and inspect them. If you notice any changes it might be worthwhile to bring them in to be cleaned or repaired.  We are happy to look at any pictures you have and offer suggestions. Things to watch for: fading, cloudy glass, moisture and debris.



Framed order of Canada medal

Light, temperature and humidity will affect your picture.  Direct sunlight, and lamps can deteriorate and fade your artwork.  Glass with UV filters will help, but remember they won’t stop or fix damage done. Heirlooms and treasures should always be protected and hung away from light, heat and moisture. Fading is a gradual process and may not be noticed right away.  

What is priceless to you?
Your child's first drawing? Needlework, medals or memorabilia handed down from a grandparent?  An expensive picture purchased on a special vacation?  Or your hard earned scholastic degree? With priceless pieces it may be a good idea to take a photo and tuck it away somewhere safe so you have a record of it.  We also recommend any certificates that come with your artwork are photocopied. Keep the photocopy with the artwork and put the original with your records, or in a safety deposit box. If something happens to your picture- heaven forbid, your record of it may be damaged or gone as well.