Happy Holidays!

Thank you all so very much for your support and business over the past year! I wish I could thank each & everyone of you personally, but it has been so busy for Malcolm & I (and Trevor) to get all the orders done for and finished. Have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all the very best for 2019. We look forward to serving you in the New Year.

Love & Gratitude,

Nancy & Malcolm.

Never Give Up!

Had great week! A customer came in to frame a certificate to match all the other ones we have done for him. Unfortunately, the frame was discontinued. I just didn’t want to settle for having to use a different frame. With the help of our supplier, we managed to track down a length at a frame shop in B.C. and were able to frame his certificate to match all the others. Yeah! I love going that extra mile to accommodate our clients. Thanks to everyone who helped! Nancy

Hey Oliers Hockey Fans!

Hey Oilers Fans! How about that Battle of Alberta? Did you know that the recent victory against the Calgary Flames marks the first time since 1985-86 that the Oilers have swept the season series, winning all four games? It’s true! Here at Expressions and Images we’ve got our game-face on and are so excited to see what kind of Oilers memorabilia you’ve had tucked away or have recently acquired that needs to be framed, protected, and preserved for years to come. We’ve got tonnes of creative ideas to help you display any kind of hockey gear. We’ve framed everything from treasured hockey cards, autographed photos, pins, badges, pennants, pucks and sticks, to, of course, one-of-a-kind jersey boxes. If you’ve been waiting to have that treasured Oilers ephemera framed and displayed, now’s the time! We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves and start growing ‘The Beard’, but it’s never too early to showcase your Oilers pride!

work pictures 063.jpg

Thanks to you we are celebrating 25 years of framing memories!

Gosh it's hard to believe it has been 25 years since Malcolm & I first dipped our toes into the world of picture framing!  It has gone by in a flash! 

Lives have been shared as we watched our customers graduate, get married, travel, have children (and pets!), retire, travel some more, and now we are meeting their grandchildren.  It amazes me every time they come in and the infants and children are now teenagers and young adults - graduating and getting married and bringing in their memories to be framed. 

We are here because of you, and Malcolm, the staff & I thank you very much!  Oh, and don't worry.  We have no plans to retire yet!!

Family Day Weekend

Well, how exciting!  We have just celebrated Chinese New Year (drop in for some good luck candy) and now we have Valentines Day and Family Day all rolled into one fun weekend!  We hope you celebrate with friends and family and have a great start to this new year.  Just a reminder we will be closed Saturday through Monday to celebrate with our family & friends!